Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) LINC01125 had anti-tumor effects in glioma by vitro and vivo study

Author(s): Jinmiao Zhang*, Lian Zheng, Guo Chen


Aim: The aim of this study was to explore the effects mechanisms of lncRNA LINC01125 in glioma development by vitro and vivo study.

Methods: Evaluating lncRNA LINC01125 expression in glioma cancer and adjacent normal tissues by ISH assay and HE staining. In cell experiment, the lncRNA LINC01125 were transfected in the U251 and U87 cell lines, measuring the cell proliferation by CCK-8 assay and cell apoptosis and cell cycle by flow cytometer; evaluating cell invasion and migration by transwell and wound healing assay. The relative proteins expression by WB assay. In the vivo study, we measured the tumor size and weight.

Results: Compared with adjacent normal, the LINC01125 expression of cancer tissues were significantly down-regulation. With LINC01125 supplement, the cell proliferation rate of lncRNA groups were significantly depressed with cell cycle kept in G1 phase; invasion cell number and wound healing rate of lncRNA groups were significantly suppressed compared with that of Model groups. By WB assay, the PTEN and Bax proteins expression were significantly increased and the PI3K, AKT, Bcl-2, MMP-2 and MMP-9 proteins expressions were significantly increased. In vivo study, the tumor volume and weight were significantly suppressed in nude mice.

Conclusion: LINC 01125 had anti-tumor effects by vitro and vivo study.

Key words: lncRNA; LINC01125; glioma; Biiologica activities

Adv.Bio.Med.: 2019, Vol.4(No.2),pp:27-41