MicroRNA-375 regulates proliferation and apoptosis of colon cancer by suppressing CTGF-EGFR signaling pathway

Author(s): Lu Zhang, Changping Li*, Li Zhang

Abstract: Aim: The aim of this study was to explain the effect and mechanism of microRNA-375 in colon cancer. Methods: The HT29 and SW620 cells were respectively divided into 3 groups: NC group, BL group and miRNA group. We measured the cell proliferation, apoptosis and cell cycle of difference groups. The relative proteins expressions were evaluated by WB assay. Results: Compared with NC groups, the cell proliferation of miRNA groups were significantly suppressed (P0.05, respectively), the cell apoptosis of miRNA groups were significantly enhanced (P0.05, respectively) and the G1 phased rate of miRNA groups were significantly increased (P0.05, respectively) in HT29 and SW620 cells. To explain the mechanism of miRNA-375 in colon cancer, the relative proteins expressions were measured by WB assay. The CTGF, EGFR, PI3K, AKT and ERK proteins expressions of miRNA-375 groups were significantly suppressed compared with NC groups (P0.05, respectively). Conclusion: miRNA-375 overexpression had anti-tumor effects to colon cancer via CTGF-EGFR signaling pathway.


Key words: miRNA-375, CTGF, EGFR, PI3K, colon cancer

Adv.Bio.Med.: 2018, Vol.3(No.3),pp:3-16