Roles of miR-770 in non-small cell lung cancer and the related mechanism

Author(s): Li Yang, Wancheng Li, Yu Zhou, Na Huang*

Abstract: This study aimed to explore the molecular mechanism of miR-770 in NSCLC from the perspective of cell proliferation, invasion and migration. In this study, we found that the expression of miR-770 performed significantly decreased in NSCLC tissue compared to the adjacent tissue. MiR-770 regulatedSTMN1 expression by directly binding to the 3’UTR andthe expression of STMN1 was significantly upregulated in NSCLC, which suggested that miR-770 suppressed the progression of NSCLC through regulating the expression of STMN1. In addition, miR-770 may not only down-regulate MMP2 expression, but inhibit the proliferation, migration and invasion of NSCLC by influencing the expression of the AKT signaling pathway.

Key words: Non-small cell lung cell, STMN1, AKT, migration, invasion
Adv.Bio.Med.: 2018, Vol.3(No.2),pp:44-56